This my first formal address since becoming President of this great club. A club that has a long, grand and successful history. A club, which in the past, put fear into its opposition and pride into all who resided within. I’ve listened to stories about the good old days.  The good old days that constantly pursued me but I never took up on the invite. I regret that as I sit here today, now that I understand what I have truly missed over the past 20 odd years.

Due to certain circumstances at the start of the 2017 season I agreed to take on the role of President. I knew that I could not have an impact as the season was already set in motion so my objective was to ride the bumps and get to seasons end with as little scarring as possible. My mindset was always for 2018 and the first step was to build from the bottom. I needed a group of likeminded people that was capable of rebuilding the club from the foundations up. I am happy to say that your Committee members and Sub Committee members are the most passionate and brilliant people that I have ever worked with before.

COMMITTEE 2018 – Galvanised and likeminded and ALWAYS glass half full!

Vice President: Tony Hachem.

Tony bleeds for this club. His continual contribution to getting this club back to its glory days, which occurs around the clock, is unwavering.

Secretary: David Castree

Former President, who gave his heart and soul to the role, agreed to join with us and I am so pleased to have a man of Dave’s calibre and wealth of knowledge on board.

Treasurer: Michael Houlihan

Mick has held this position for a number of years and his willingness to do anything for the betterment of the club is unparalleled.

Football Operations : Nathan Cockerill

Nathan happily took on the role of basically making sure we all get on the ground for a game of footy. He is a true professional, great bloke and needs your help to get his job done. If he asks you for something please do what he asks.

Social: Gaz Lorrigan and Simon Kayrooz

Gaz and Simon, along with Longy and Elvis, jumped at the opportunity of being on the Committee and understand fully the magnitude and importance of bringing fun to each and every member. Their enthusiasm is infectous!

Social Media/Website/Marketing: Chris Shoolman

Chris, along with Peter Nelson, constantly post anything to promote our club and make us the envy of the competition. They too are devoted to our club and are true clubmen.

Sub Committee categories also embrace Sponsorship and Recruiting which are made up of members of the Committee.

We will have all the contact details of the Committee members up on the notice board in the clubrooms. Please only contact the person that can satisfy your enquiry.


THE NEW LOOK Diamond Valley Magpies – SEASON 2018- Northern Division

We go into this season better prepared than any other! We won’t be getting any surprises and we won’t leave any stone unturned. There is SO much work that goes on behind the scenes, that perhaps goes unnoticed by many, so I want to highlight in dot form what has been achieved thus far:

  • Established a PERMANENT home as a member/Co tenant of the North Heidelberg Sporting Club.
  • Set plans and goals in place at seasons end for each Sub Committee to embrace and put into action for Season 2018 with a Family and Women involvement as a priority.
  • Appointed a high calibre Senior Coach to head up our coaching panel and to instil a level of professionalism to ensure that we reach our full potential.
  • Targeted and successfully recruited quality players and people of integrity to strengthen our Supers and ensure competitiveness on all levels.
  • Renegotiated with our current sponsors from Season 2017 and signed several more.
  • Established who we are and what we stand for!
  • Aligned ourselves to a local charitable institution.
  • Ensured a revenue stream through canteen and bar sales.
  • Contracted a caterer for meals to be served each Wednesday prior to the games.
  • Appointed Elvis Govic as Player Liaison to ensure all current and new players are made welcome and fully informed about club protocol.
  • Re-established our Magpie Brand and purchased merchandise and apparel to lift our representation at functions and game day.

When listed in point form it doesn’t truly depict the amount of hours spent on telephones, in front of computers, appointments with potential sponsors and of course Committee meetings etc. This is all done by volunteers who have the grit, desire and integrity to get this club back to a position of success, but more importantly to ensure that it is never placed in a position of nearly becoming extinct! Our planning is all about creating a model, a template if you like, that will be sustainable and easily transferable.

I could not be more excited about this upcoming Season. As Corey said at training on Wednesday night, positions in the Supers will be hard earned as the calibre of players coming to the club puts pressure on every position. Wow! I haven’t heard that before. In fact Doc said it’s been a long time since his heard anything like that. This is great for the club and I can’t wait to watch all of our teams on game day.

After all that’s been stated here I feel there is a need for each and every one of you to understand the finances of the club and what is required, in financial terms, to get our Club registered and then apply to have our teams entered into the competition.

Currently this stands at around $6k-$7K.

Then there is the following over and above:

  • Share of the facility/ground and Utility costs etc
  • Footballs
  • Umpiring
  • Qualified Trainers for match day and training nights
  • Kits for each team.
  • Guernseys, shorts, socks.
  • Merchandise and other apparel.
  • Coaching fees etc etc etc

Our club, like every other club, has to charge a Membership fee to assist in keeping the club financial and operational. This is just STANDARD. The club is Not for Profit and all remaining money is put back into making the players/members happy and content and to promote an enjoyable experience whilst being a member of The Diamond Valley Magpies and to help keep us viable going into future seasons. All players must pay their membership fees. We have some very generous members who continually keep giving and are somewhat being used by others that do not.

We developed a motto…………….


If you truly want to be a part of the rise of this club you need to get your skin in the game. This is going to be the club YOU have always wanted to be a part of.


Ron Robinson


0404 028 135