After over 20 years’ experience in the recycling industry, Australian owned and operated eWastec was established in August 2015 in response to the growing electronic waste (eWaste) problem we are experiencing in Australia.

Following the Australian Government’s commitment to recycle eWaste through accredited recyclers after establishing the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS) in 2011, eWastec evolved to focus primarily on the recycling of television, computer and other IT waste products to ensure the impact of eWaste on our environment is nullified.

eWastec manually processes all of the eWaste that enters our Seaford plant enabling us to ensure the integrity of many of the downstream commodities whilst maximising the recovery rate. Our commitment to minimising waste to landfill is detailed in our Zero Waste to Landfill (02L) Policy.

Manual processing also enables us to provide sustainable employment for those working within our disability program. Not only are we passionate about reducing our environmental impact, we are equally passionate and genuinely believe that it is vitally important for all members of our community to have access to employment opportunities.

Thus our ethos continues to be “Earth conscious. Community focused.”

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9 Aspley Place, Seaford Victoria