Dear all Valued Members,

Thought I let you all know that today, both the NHFC President Warren Haysom and I had the pleasure of meeting with Ms Kate Thwaites, the Member of Parliament for JagaJaga, Victoria.

I shared & discussed our club’s proud history and our goals moving forward with Kate.

Kate was very impressed and blown away with the Superules competition and how our club was so family oriented and community focused.

After our discussions with Kate, we are very hopeful to gain further support in our efforts to obtain further counsel funding to improve lighting, coaches boxes with regards the aim to renovate the pavilion along with the club rooms.


I also explained that the clubs excited that we are now officially co-tenants at Shelley Park which brings security & comfort to all our members, sponsors, volunteers and that all the planning over the years to achieve our club short & long term goals.

I also went on to say that we at DV want to develop community programs and charity events to assist our community that is in need and also to attract new members to the club.

Kate stated that she is looking forward to assisting us in moving forward to improve & upgrade the facilities at Shelly Park. Hopefully this means further funding will be provided to our club.

All the hard work over the past 3 years, especially from some individuals who played an important role in establishing a relationship with the Nth Heidleberg FC who have a

I must admit, I’m nervously excited about the future of this great club.

Great time’s ahead 🙌

We fly as one ☝️