Club News – Edition 2

Dear Members,

Welcome to Edition 2 of Diamond Valley Magpies Superules FC Club News for season 2020.


As you would be aware the coronavirus is taking hold and the impact will touch us all individually along with family, friends and our community sporting clubs.

We are not immune from that at first with the football being postponed it offered a glimmer of hope to operate off field as normal as possible, however decisions by government authorities in recent days as the virus in the community has worsened which has removed that possibility.

These are unprecedented times not just for our football club but for the entire world. Like you, we are also disappointed that the season has been postponed but as you can understand the AFL made the right decision.


The COVID-19 has financially impacted heavily on the whole competition including the Diamond Valley Superules Football Club.  Notwithstanding, we would appreciate all our players who are still required to register and pay their subs as soon as possible given that the season has been rescheduled to start on the 31st May 2020  .

Whether the competition goes ahead or not in season 2020, we as a club must all stand side by side and ‘fly as one’ now more than ever. This will allow our club to be in a solid financial position both on and off the ground.

The Diamond Valley Magpies Superules FC Club is a family and we will withstand any interruption during the 2020 AFLVM Superules football season to meet all of our financial commitments based on our love for this club which was established since 1982.

We would appreciate if all our players to pay their subs ASAP if you haven’t already done so which also includes the purchase of your personalised club apparel.

Given that the club has incurred actual costs to date, this will assist our club in finalising our short term financial commitments especially to our supplier, X8 Sports Apparel  company who have sponsored the club by discounting the apparel by 25%  which amounted to $9,418 in savings to club. They have incurred actual costs manufacturing our club apparel which understandably the payment needs to be finalised prior to the 2020 Season commencing.

In the event that the 2020 season doesn’t go ahead, the club would appreciate if each player allows the club to roll over their sub fees into the 2021 season.


We would like to take the opportunity to congratulate our major sponsors Open Corp Pty and Hachem Management Group and all other sponsors to the Diamond Valley Football Club. Given the difficult times ahead I can confirm that both major sponsors are still financially committed to our club.

We also extend a massive thank you to the generosity of all our other key business sponsors /partners who are sponsoring our club for the next two years. Their financial and contra support is much appreciated and in the event the season doesn’t go ahead, all sponsors have confirmed that they will continue to support us into the following year for a further two years.

Unfortunately a few of our other sponsors have been hit hard financially due to the difficult times and are weighing up there financial position as to whether they can afford to continue to sponsor the club, which is totally understandable.


It also gives me great pleasure to officially announce that we have entered into a formal shared tenancy arrangement with the North Heidelberg FC to use the facilities at Shelley Park. Over the past few years North Heidelberg FC have been absolutely amazing to deal with in terms of understanding our club’s needs.

A massive congratulations goes out to the previous committee members and in particular Ron Robinson and Elvis Govic and also John McDonald (North Heidelberg and DV Player)  in making this all possible with the North Heidelberg FC.

On behalf of the Diamond Valley Magpies Superules Football club, we thank the North Heidelberg Football Club for their continued support over the years and we look forward to a long lasting partnership for years to come.

We are also very excited about the change of the jumper along with the shared tenancy that will give this club the recognition of independence and allow the opportunity for this club to now attract players from the Diamond Valley and other regions for years to come.

Post covid-19 the Diamond Valley Magpies Superules FC committee and I have a strong vision in adopting a strategic plan for moving forward with our aim and goal to become a powerhouse in the competition once again. We are certainly on track!


Some good news around the club as we can report the replacement fence works have started last week and we will have a new chain wire fence likely to be completed by the middle of next week.

Once again we thank the North Heidelberg FC for making this happen in conjunction with Banyule Council & Cr. Craig Langdon & the Member for Jaga Jaga, Kate Thwaites with the Stronger Communities Programme Grant that the club was fortunate to receive recently.

The replacement fence is being installed by Melbourne Chain Wire Fencing a local based company in Heidelberg West.

Furthermore, the club logo signage will be placed in the entrance of the function room as you walk in.

Also, a massive thank you goes out to Elvis Govic and his team at GPM for painting the club rooms at no cost to the club. We also thank Elvis & GPM for coming on board as a contra sponsor.



  • DVSRFC $10,000.00 Draw –


 Charity Gala Game & Other Events


(In the event the season doesn’t go ahead we can look at having a charity football game followed by a gala event.)


Our subcommittee had a busy social program planned for season 2020 which has been put on the hold due to the current events but this now opens up other opportunities for summer social events with the club being fortunate to have tenancy throughout the year.

In the event that the season commences post 31st May 2020 then the Subcommittee will focus on the important social events to be carried out.


The numbers on the track over the pre-season period have certainly increased and the prospects of a successful season is on the cards.

We had two solid performances during our practice matches against Craigieburn Supers FC and also the practice match against Echuca Moama United Masters FC and in both games we won comfortably.

It was an encouraging performance over both weeks giving plenty of optimism for all our coaches to having a successful year with all four teams being very competitive.

A number of new players have joined the club in 2020 and with the assistance of some of our senior players, I have had the pleasure of recruiting ex AFL super stars in Dane Swan and Anthony Franchina along with a number of local champions in Chris Hall, Shane Harvey, Ambrose Swindon and Andrew Yoannidis.

We have also managed to retain all of our 2019 playing list with the exception of a few that have work commitments or have retired.


To help support players and members who run their own businesses and also support our sponsors, we have created a Business Directory on our website –

You can submit your business by filling in this form

If there isn’t a category for the business please email with your details and we will get the listing added.


The club operations wise is in hiatus with complete lockdown meaning no structured club training or off field gatherings i.e. social club or committee meetings.

On March the 25th 2020, via North Heidelberg Club President Warren Haysom we received advice from the Banyule Council to not use the pavilion until further notice.

There is still a process of decision making from the executive committee to ponder, plan and liaise with the leagues football department as to when and if there is a return to football as we know the season is likely to change; such will be the impact of covid-19 and the effect it will have on us as a club and individuals.

For the time being we will hang up our boots, but in the meantime take care of yourselves, your family and try to stay fit until we meet again.

If there are any new developments that involve the club we will advise via our webpage and media platforms.

In addition, despite social distancing and in some cases isolation, we encourage you to keep in touch with and check in with club mates. This is extremely important.

Finally, remember members of this Committee are only a phone call away, so please don’t hesitate to contact any one of us especially in these difficult times.

Please take care and if anyone is feeling the pinch financially, we as a club are all here to assist, so don’t be embarrassed to ask for help.

We Fly As One


Tony Hachem

Diamond Valley Magpies Superules FC

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