Club News – Edition 1 – Presidents Statement

Club News – Edition 1 – Presidents Statement

Dear Members,

In recent weeks there have been a number of committee meetings and conference calls to determine our path forward in season 2020 on the back of the latest directives and recommendations from the AFL in response to the ongoing Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

These are unprecedented times, not just for our football club but, for the entire world. Like you, we are also disappointed that the season has been postponed but as you can understand the AFL made the right decision.

As you know the AFL released a statement (see below or CLICK HERE) .  directing all AFL and AFL state managed or operated leagues to cease all training, education sessions and practice matches up until May 31, 2020. Additionally, all competition start dates are also postponed till May 31, 2020.

As the AFL Masters Vic Metro League and therefore Diamond Valley Magpies Superules FC comes under this jurisdiction, in response, we have effective immediately, cancelled all training and practice matches till this time awaiting further instructions.

With the season postponed we do not have any clear view at this stage of what the league plans to do in regard to the competition for season 2020. We are confident they are working on revised fixtures as we speak and we will keep you across any information as it comes to hand.

Our priority is the health, safety and welfare of our players, members and supporters and we would be neglectful in regard to individual’s welfare if we didn’t take the appropriate action.

We understand that for some (if not most of us), football is a key outlet for physical and mental health and temporarily removing that platform may be derogatory to those interests however, it would be completely irresponsible of us if we continued training and games at this stage.

We will find ways to keep club members informed and up-to-date and, we are current discussing alternate options for the players and members in regard to keep everyone involved and keeping fit.

We want to keep the lines of communication open. The situation is quite fluid and as we have seen things can change quickly so we will continue to communicate out updates as they become available.

You may have questions and the Committee are only too happy to answer any questions you may have, if you have a question please email or send a text to Jason Tarascio 0426 270 688. We will respond to you and add the questions and answer to an FAQ we are setting up.

What is really important right now is that we look after ourselves and look after one another. We encourage to read and adhere to the “Ten ways to reduce your risk and coronavirus”, we have set up a separate page on our website which provides the latest updates in regard to COVID-19 as it relates to football and the Club CLICK HERE


In addition, despite social distancing and in some cases isolation, we encourage you to keep in touch with and check in with club mates. This is extremely important.

Finally, remember members of this Committee are only a phone call away, so please don’t hesitate to contact any one of us especially in these difficult times.


Please take care and if anyone is feeling the pinch financially we as a club are all here to assist, so don’t be embarrassed to ask for help.


We Fly As One


Tony Hachem

Diamond Valley Magpies Superules FC


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