The Diamond Valley Superules teams wear the black and white stripes. The club commenced in 1982 and celebrated its 30th year in the 2011 season.

Playing in the AFL Masters, Northern Division, Diamond Valley Superules has been the club for many famous ex-VFL and AFL stars who continued playing after their league careers were over. Now it is the turn of a new batch of stars to take their place in Diamond Valley colours and make a new history for the club.

Our games are played at Shelley Park, Heidelberg Heights, VIC 3081

Code of Conduct

Respect and Responsibility

Club Vilification and Discrimination Policy

Club Song

The Diamond Valley Superules have a Club song that is sung loudly and proudly after each winning game, a tradition that other clubs in the league can only watch with envy as the boys embrace the tune.  The words are provided below – learn them as every player will get the chance to sing it regularly.

Flying high flying low we are always on the go

Diamond Valley and proud of our name

Here and there everywhere

Fighting hard but always fair

Diamond Valley and proud of our name

The black and white flying high

Like a magpie in the sky

Full of courage and will to win the game We’ll win

So here we go

And we want you all to know

Diamond Valley and proud of our name

Good to see the "Old Boys" in fine tune!!

Posted by Diamond Valley Superules Football Club on Sunday, 2 July 2017