The Milestone Men

We will be celebrating some a number of milestones achieved during the 2016 season at our final home and away game at Shelly Park on Sunday 14 August. There will be a presentation in the room before hand and a guard of honor on the field as they come onto the ground.

Our club leading goal kicker – just ask him  – Pittsy is a stalwart of the club. He is only the 3rd player behind Tony Matthews and Wayne McCrimmon to make it to 200 games of old bugger footy. He is a 3 times winner of the B&F in the masters, was made a life member in 2009 and won the best clubman award in 2007. Congrats Pittsy, a super effort.

With Powelly, the numbers say it all. Playing since 2006. He won a premiership with us in 2013 and is a 5 times B&F winner in the Supers. He was made a life member in 2014. And is still in our best most weeks.

Laurie has played about half of his games in the Masters before graduating to the Vets in its various guises (over 45/47/50s) to play another 50 games. Laurie becomes only the 27 player to reach 100 games for Diamond Valley Superules. Long may the long left boot rein.

Contrats also to Obie, Mick, Paul and Biebs who have all played their 50th games.

Over 50’s

200 Games Michael Pitts

100 Games LaurieEllul


50 Games Kym O’Brien

Mick Rowley David Castree


100 Games Jeff Powell

50 Games Justin Littlefield  and Paul Rowley