Round 4 VS Beaconsfield

There was blood, sweat and tears on a big day of footy down at Beaconsfield on Sunday. The Supers had a brilliant win with a hard hitting, committed, four quarter effort. Many players stood up and played season best games to go with accurate kicking (15.1). Our big man, Belli was inspirational, coming off with a bloodied nose in the first quarter, only to return to play a pivotal role, including a booming 60 meter goal to seal the game late in the 4th.

Masters had a much tougher day against a strong Beacy side. The positives were four quarters of effort, commitment and a willingness to work hard for their team mates. They didn’t get the four points on Sunday but if they maintain that level of effort, a win isn’t far away.

And of course, there was our 50’s. Notching their second win of the season with a strong performance across the board. They’re building a platform for another successful season.

Beaconsfield 11.15-81 Lost to Diamond Valley 15.1-91
Beaconsfield 14.7-91Defeated Diamond Valley 3.3-21
Beaconsfield 4.7-31 Lost to Diamond Valley 9.6-60