At Diamond Valley Superules there are many different (unusual?) characters that make up the on-field and off-field personality of our football club.  To help you get a small insight into some of these players, we have quizzed them about their personal and football background and the results are very interesting to say the least.

AFL Masters Hall of Fame member – Tony Mathews – Profile-Tony-Mathews

Club Legend – Wayne McCrimmon – Profile-Wayne-McCrimmon

2013 Supers B & F – James McIntyre – Profile-James-McIntyre

Veterans / Over 52’s stalwart – Peter Hart – Profile-Peter-Hart

Over 47’s star – Pat Buttigieg – Profile-Pat-Buttigieg

Club B & F record holder – Jeff Powell –Profile-Jeff-Powell

2013 Best Clubman – Steve Gray – Profile-Steve-Gray

Future Club Legend – Maurice ‘Mori’ Gonella  – Profile-Maurice-Gonella

Diamond Valley goal-kicking ‘machine’ – Mick Pitts – Profile-Michael-Pitts

Banyule Legend – Lee Ferrall – Profile-Lee-Ferrall

Hard working Football Operations Manager – Dave Castree – Profile-Dave-Castree

Reserve’s Coach – Matt Hart – Profile-Matt-Hart

The one, the only, Damian Keogh – Profile-Damian-Keogh

The Italian running machine – Joe Marino –Profile-Joe-Marino

Goal sneak- Dave ‘Witch’ Witchell – Profile-Dave-Witchell

Master of the Masters – Mick Rowley – Profile-Mick-Rowley

Batman’s ‘Robin’ – Paul Rowley – Profile-Paul-Rowley

The ‘Grinder’- Mick Grounds – Profile-Mick-Grounds