Congratulations Doc on 200 Games

A great milestone for a great person. Congratulations on 200 games Doc.

Here are some kind words from the President:
Today we celebrate a magnificent Milestone.
Joseph Juhasz, affectionately known to all as DOC plays his 200th game for his beloved Diamond Valley Magpies.

Born to Hungarian Gypsies in 1898 with links to the Mafia and having traces of Werewolf and Vampire bloodlines, Doc came to the club a rather rotund skittle type figure and transformed himself into the elite temple that stands ready to go to battle before you.
Since his debut Doc has amassed 200 GAMES, having played 6 games for the Supers, 107 games for the Masters, 47 games for the 45-47’s and 40 games for the 50’s.
He becomes the 4th member of the 200 GAME CLUB behind:
• Wayne McRimmon – 273 games
• Tony Mathews – 246 games
• Michael Pitts – 201 games

Doc is revered and loved by all throughout the competition.
He is both a devoted participant in all carnivals and a dedicated tireless medical representative wherever he goes. His love for the DVSRFC and the whole competition is unquestionable and unwavering. From squeezing injured players in for an appointment at his clinic to gameday consultations, Doc is always there for you.

Having Doc in our midst is somewhat comforting and very fortunate for all of us. He is “always” positive about anything to do with our players and club and is a great mentor to all.
He is a true CLUBMAN and truly deserves every accolade we can bestow upon him.

Round 4 VS Beaconsfield

Friendly vs Monty Old Boys – Saturday 27 May

This Saturday 27 May is the FRIENDLY social match against Montmorency Old Boys. Arrive at 4pm for a 4.30pm warm up in front of the Monty v Northcote park crowd at 3/4 time for our 5pm start.

Following on from a fantastic weekend at Beaconsfield where the Supers had a magnificent winning team performance, this is a great opportunity to continue to get to know your team mate that goes out to contest each and every game alongside of you.


I sincerely encourage as many as possible to attend this terrific function which has been orchestrated by Lincoln Burns and will definitely create a future player feeder opportunity for the Diamond Valley Magpies. A fantastic evening of fun, laughter and entertainment is truly assured.  Please bring wife’s and girlfriends and family as it will be a massive fun night that they plan will go till midnight.

Those wanting to play please notify Lincoln ASAP on the email address


Let’s turn up in numbers!