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The Game of AFL Masters Australian Football provides the opportunity for players 35 years and over to enjoy the game of Aussie Rules Football in a safe, supportive and fun environment.

After first commencing in Victoria in 1980, the sport is governed nationally by AFL Masters (formerly Masters Australian Football and Superules Australia Inc) and nine member State Associations and is now played by over 119 teams throughout Australia.

The VIC METRO competition has been operating for 30 years and has 37 clubs in and around Melbourne and satellite towns, with 54 teams playing each fortnight in Over35s (32 Supers and 22 Supers Reserves) and 18 more in the rapidly expanding Over-47s competition.

A national standardised set of modified rules is designed to reduce the risks of injury and is acknowledged and supported nationally by the AFL.

You will find a welcoming atmosphere at Diamond Valley Superules with an emphasis on family involvement and footy for fitness and fun social interaction. While a good level of fitness is required to enjoy the game fully, training runs once or twice a week without huge time commitments are the order of the day for AFLM.

The season consists of 10 games plus finals, and games are played every second Sunday for premiership points.

The relegation system is in place with the premiers in Division 2 and Division 3 promoted, and the bottom team relegated from Division 1 and Division 2. Diamond Valley has been very successful over the years winning ten Division 1 premierships in the period of the competition’s existence.

Diamond Valley fields a Supers Reserves side that competes in a separate competition not played for premiership points, as well as two teams in the Over-47s competition.

As with the Supers Reserves, the Veteran’s games are not played for premiership points.  This is a growing competition, and from 2009 when there were 4 teams there were there were 18 clubs fielding over-47’s teams in 2011.  The clash in season 2011 between the two Diamond Valley Over-47s teams was very competitive and played to a very high standard which only goes to prove that “Old footballers never die, they just run a little bit slower!”.

Recent media about Veteran’s football:http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/bodysphere/old-blokes-who-still-play-footy/4912894

The Club’s home ground is at RJ Brockwell Oval, Beverley Road, Heidelberg (Melways Map 32 D3) where club members and guests enjoy excellent playing and social facilities. Training alternates between Wednesday and Thursday nights starting at 6:30pm (see the News and Events page for the dates).

Diamond Valley is a family-orientated club where everyone is welcome.  The annual Family Day is always held at the first home game of the season so check the News & Events page for more information.  Wives, girlfriends and children all enjoy the excellent social club facilities at the ground. The Club also runs a chicken and champagne luncheon during the season giving the opportunity for new members to get to know each other in a casual and relaxed environment.

For those who are interested, the Club is always looking for guys/gals to assist at games as officials.  Contact a committee member to express your interest.